UltraStar 1.0.2 released
UltraStar 1.0.2 stable

New UltraStar 1.0.2 stable has been released. We added new, much more precise dynamic difficulty level. Maximum score is 10,000,000 and the better player sings, the better score he gets for a single note. When compared to the older levels, the new system is not the "hit or miss" style, the score is more smooth.

UltraStar 1.0.2 installer (17.2MB): UltraStar-1.0.2.exe

Changes in UltraStar 1.0.2 stable:

  • Added Dynamic difficulty level
  • Improved voice analysis system to be more accurate for dynamic difficulty level
  • Simfile reading bugfixes

Changes in UltraStar 1.0.2 beta:

  • Modified player scoring engine
  • Improved song file loading system
  • Prepared for new difficulty level - dynamic


Latest Songs

  • Josh Woodward - Go
  • Josh Woodward - Heritage Place
  • Tanya T6 - Fly Away
  • Hungry Lucy - Balloon Girl
  • Hungry Lucy - Just Imagine