UltraStar 1.0.1 released
UltraStar 1.0.1 stable

New UltraStar 1.0.1 stable has been released. All lyrics are now being stretched to fit the screen if they are too large. Top5 screen is now with animations and is accessible from the song screen with the "Top5" button. Also a lot of small fixes and improvements were made. Update can be made from the included updater application or with standalone installer.

UltraStar 1.0.1 installer (17.2MB): UltraStar-1.0.1.exe

Changes in UltraStar 1.0.1 stable:

  • Added lyrics stretching on singing screen
  • Added Top5 screen animations
  • Added Top5 button on song selection screen
  • Added mouse scroll handling in options
  • Improved popup icons
  • Fixed popup yes/no order

Changes in UltraStar 1.0.1 beta:

  • Added popup if game quality has been reduced when graphics card can't meet game requirements
  • Prepared to improve Top5 screen
  • Fixed some minor bugs with graphics quality

Latest Songs

  • Josh Woodward - Go
  • Josh Woodward - Heritage Place
  • Tanya T6 - Fly Away
  • Hungry Lucy - Balloon Girl
  • Hungry Lucy - Just Imagine