What is UltraStar?

UltraStar is a karaoke video game similar to the SingStar and Lips series. It runs on PC Windows/Linux/Mac platforms. Game allows player sing his favorite songs and score points by matching the pitch of original song well. Game displays lyrics on screen as well as the correct singing notes. User can play alone, or with up to 6 friends on one or two screens at the same time.

What do I need to play UltraStar?

You need PC capable of running the game, and at least one microphone connected to the sound card input. And of course some songs, preferably from our shop.

What are the system requirements to run UltraStar?

CPU: Pentrium 4 1.6GHz or above
RAM: 256MB or more
Video: Graphics Card compatible with OpenGL 1.4 Hardware Acceleration
Sound: At least one with microphone input
HDD: 35MB for game, many more for songs
Controller: Keyboard/Mouse

Operating systems:
Windows: 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7 (x86 and x86_64)
Linux: with WINE
Mac: with WINE

Do I need a microphone?

Yes, you do. We suggest you use external standalone microphone as many laptops has very poor quality built-in microphone. Any microphone working with Windows and Skype is also compatible with the UltraStar.

How many players can sing in UltraStar at once?

Game supports up to 6 microphones. To sing simultaneously each player needs separate soundcard input and microphone. Some external soundcards properly supports 2 microphones on 1 card, the other aren't doing it properly. Please test your game with free songs in the Song Shop to check for your players limit in your current soundcard configuration.

Where can I find more songs for UltraStar? (Songs)

After installing the game user gets one demo song. The main way of obtaining more songs is our Song Shop. The UltraStar 0.9.0 released on 18 May, 2012 introduces new, the most current Song Shop. There are few free songs (available since the 0.9.0 version) as well as full-featured commercial songs with even background video clips (available soon). You can buy commercial songs with UltraStar Points, which you can get by PayPal or another payment type (available soon). To access Shop you have to be registered user (registration is free). Access to Shop is available thru the game itself.

Do I need Internet connection for UltraStar to work?

If you are using songs from our shop, then yes. UltraStar sends the list of songs and enables them in the game. Games also checks for updates and allows you to download more of them.

Can I modify the way the singing notes are displayed in UltraStar? (Mods)

Yes, you can. While singing you can enable some funny mods, which makes it more difficult. Only one mod can be selected at once. By pressing CTRL + M you can select next mod in the loop. Here's the keyboard shortcuts for using mods on the singing screen:

  • CTRL + M: Next mod
  • CTRL + F5: Drunk horizontal mod
  • CTRL + F6: Drunk vertical mod
  • CTRL + F7: Drunk horizontal notes mod
  • CTRL + F8: Drunk vertical notes mod
  • CTRL + F9: Flip horizontal mod
  • CTRL + F10: Sudden mod
  • CTRL + F11: Hidden mod
  • CTRL + F12: Invisible mod
  • CTRL + 1: Flash mod
  • CTRL + 2: Drop mod
  • CTRL + 3: Drunk mod
  • CTRL + 4: Pre zoom in mod
  • CTRL + 5: Pre zoom out mod
  • CTRL + 6: Post zoom in mod
  • CTRL + 7: Post zoom out mod
  • CTRL + 8: Note jump mod
  • CTRL + 9: Jump mod
  • CTRL + 0: Disable mods

I have lots of songs in UltraStar. How can I find one particular to sing? (Filtering)

On the song seection screen start typing song title or artist name to enable search filter. Press backspace to shorten the filter or escape to remove the filter

Can I enable some kind of sorting when choosing a song in UltraStar? (Sorting)

Yes, you can. On the song selection screen, by pressing SHIFT + UP or SHIFT + DOWN, you can choose different type of sorting by:

  • Artist
  • Title
  • Directory
  • Language
  • Genre
  • Edition

Can I play on two monitors at the same time?

Yes, you can. First, set up your displays to "extended desktop" mode. We suggest to use the same resolution on both of them. Then run Official UltraStar Tools bundled with the game and in Configuration menu set the two-screen mode. Now all players will be spread across two screens, e.g. when 3 players are playing, there will be 2 players on the first screen, and the third player on the second screen. There's also an option to play solo on dual-screen as well.

Does UltraStar support Video Cameras?

No, not right now. We are working on support for Video Cameras.

How can I remove my account on the website?

First, login into your account. Now go to Community -> Profile/Edit profile -> Delete profile.

My video clip is not working in the UltraStar

We are trying to provide as much compatibility as we can. Sometimes it's possible to solve the problem by closing the game and opening it again, or by restarting computer. If it does not help, we recommend to remove the song manually and add it again.

My song in UltraStar is not synchronized with the lyrics.

The game allows to sing user-created songs. Making lyrics which go well with the original singing, and with correct pitch of notes is very difficult and time consuming, therefore we recommend to use only songs from our buil-in Song Shop, which are made by well trained and skilled people.

The UltraStar is crashing after start.

Although we try to check every possible behavior of the game, sometimes it is impossible to predict what can go wrong. Universal solution for game crashes is to delete songs covers cache, and temporary directory. You can do this in the Official UltraStar Tools, in the Maintenance section.

Game crashed after a while of singing

UltraStar 0.7.x series is a bit more sensitive to incorrect soundcard setup in the game. In most cases fixing configuration solves this problem. In the UltraStar recording options check each soundcard. If the same number in channels greater than 0 appears more than once, you've got misconfigured game. Check how to configure soundcards in UltraStar.

No soundcard found" message

If you get the "No soundcard found" message when starting UltraStar, you may have incomplete microphone setup. Plug in microphones before running UltraStar. Then run the game.

The game runs very slow

UltraStar uses OpenGL. Make sure your card supports it. If you're using Windos Vista or 7, update your graphic drivers. Only drivers from your graphic card manufacturer fully supports OpenGL and lets you achive best performance in UltraStar.

Here's the list of common graphic card manufacturers and links to their websites:

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